Medical Centre Cleaning

Medical centre cleaning

Grubless specialise in Medical centre cleaning and since our operations began in 2002, we proudly clean many centres throughout south east Queensland.

We understand the paramount importance of a high grade clean that cuts down on the spread of bacteria and viruses but that also suits your budget. Our many years of experience has enabled us to not only have some of the most highly trained cleaners in Queensland but also to have practices in place to avoid cross contamination when carrying out our services in your centre. We also have cleaning products that are well suited to medical centres in that they kill bacteria without leaving your workplace smelling like a chemical factory.


We pride ourselves on complying with all WH & S standards, being fully insured and having CM3 accreditation.

As part of our process, that sets us apart, we regularly audit our work to ensure that only our high standard of services is continually being carried out. Plus, we guarantee all of our work! One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to cleaning so, we tailor a personalised quote that sees a customised mix of cleaning, to suit your centre’s individual needs and budget. We can also save you time by providing you with a large selection of consumables at a good price.