About Us

Grubless Property Services has over 15 years of experience in the Commercial Cleaning Industry in Brisbane and the surrounding areas. Our team is dedicated to providing High Quality Commercial Cleans, Exceptional Customer Service and Competitive Pricing. Our focus is our clients and ensuring that we provide a Reliable and Consistent High Standard of service at all times. We personalise our services to suit your Individual Needs and Budget and we Guarantee all of our work. What is our secret? Our experience is the key! You can trust that we have the right checks and balances in place to enable our team to provide the high standard of service you deserve. We love what we do and we do it very well! Our services include all facets of Commercial Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Pressure Cleaning along with Garden and Property Maintenance.

David Thomsen

Managing Director

David is an expert with years of experience in, and passion for, leading his team to provide the highest quality professional facilities maintenance and management to the commercial sector. David’s dedication to his business, team and clients is paramount and together with his expertise, Grubless is leading the way in being well respected in the Cleaning service industry and known for its standards of excellence and reliability.

Tracy Thomsen

Administration Manager

Tracy manages the administration office for Grubless and her organisation skills are second to none. She heads up the office and marketing team and ensures all rostering and communication runs effectively between the operations department, cleaners and clients. She also ensures that we are not only compliant with the commercial cleaning industry standards, but that we exceed them. Tracy is one of the very important voices and faces of Grubless when you call our office to make an enquiry and she has a passion for excellent customer service and assisting everyone.

Shaun Atwell

Regional Manager

Shaun has over 25 years of experience within the commercial cleaning industry. He is responsible for the operations of Grubless and ensuring that we are not only reliable, but that we exceed our clients’ expectations. His wealth of experience and knowledge contributes to the success of our daily operations and the consistently high level of services Grubless provide.

Karen Erskine

Compliance Manager

Karen has been with Grubless since 2013 and has looked after our compliance and now marketing. Karen has over 9 years of experience within the legal industry and her role working with Tracy in administration is extremely important to ensure all of the WH&S management plans and compliance are maintained daily and weekly for everyone in our company. This is vital to make our workplace safe for our team and our clients.

Mike Van de Klashorst

Regional Manager

Mike worked with Grubless in our early years of operations as a cleaner and supervisor of our real estate division. Since then, his experience and knowledge has only grown along with his passion for striving for excellence in all areas. Mike regularly conducts our sites quality assurance reports and continual training with our cleaners to ensure that our team is consistently providing only our high level of services.

Vicki Eddowes

Account Manager

Vikki has been with Grubless since 2012 and she has a wealth of accounting knowledge. Vicki is responsible for overseeing all of our client’s accounts and is passionate about delivering exceptional customer service. Her expertise shines through all of her work.

Margarete Lees

Senior Onsite Supervisor

Margarete has been employed by Grubless as a senior onsite supervisor for a very large retail distribution centre since early 2011. She looks after a team of 16 cleaners ranging from permanent to part time cleaners. Her decades of experience in the industry prior to this positon have given her the ability to manage such a fantastic team of people who look after a complex that has a staff of over 1600. Margarete runs the entire operation onsite for Grubless and carries out all of the WH&S checks daily for such a large site.

Junghyun Kim

Team Supervisor

Junghyun has worked for Grubless since early 2008 when he commenced as a cleaner in one of our smaller shopping complexes. His dedication, training and commitment to the job has seen him grow our business over the years. Junghyun now supervises a team of Korean cleaners for Grubless and he still looks after the same site he cleaned in 2008 in Kenmore. His attention to detail and pride in his job is why we have so many long term clients that he still looks after.