First Impressions – The Importance of Entrance & Reception Cleaning

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December 14, 2016
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January 10, 2017

First Impressions – The Importance of Entrance & Reception Cleaning


“We judge books by their covers, and we can’t help but do it,” according to psychology professor Nicholas Ruse. Research studies tell us that, not only do we make snap judgements, but we also make them incredibly quickly.

First impressions in other words, are fast and firm and cleanliness can contribute to a lasting first impression, both good and bad. Thankfully, science hasn’t just investigated the power of first impressions but also uncovered plenty of tips and advice for those looking to improve theirs. Here are a few of those insights:

Attend to the Basics

Location and accessibility to your reception is very important to your clients. Also ensure that the building that houses your reception is appealing and that the outside maintenance is not neglected. This can be anything including window cleaning, garden maintenance and pressure cleaning the pathways/driveways. Contact us today to see how we can help you maintain your street appeal.


Appropriate signage needs to be implemented right from the street through to your reception area. Potential clients need to feel comfortable that they are going the right way and that they have found their destination with your logo evident and easily read in your reception area. Other signage that may be applicable to your office is the location of the restrooms or any other relevant areas that clients may need to visit.

Reception Area

The reception area needs to be inviting, feel spacious and be well lit and tidy. Tidiness isn’t just in the organisation of items in the reception area but also the cleanliness of the space. Stains on carpets, dirt and dust build ups in the corners of the floors and any marks on the walls can negatively affect the way one feels in a space.

We know the importance of first impressions and we can help to make yours a great one! Ask us how today!

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