It Begins with the Floors!

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November 30, 2016
High or hard to reach windows? No such thing for our team!
December 14, 2016

It Begins with the Floors!


Your floors are the entryway to your facility, so what are they saying to your customers, visitors and employees?  There’s no area in your business that gets more traffic than your floors and keeping them well-maintained can speak a lot about your business such as your commitment to excellence in all areas.

Poorly maintained floors may present a safety hazard for your customers and not to mention hygiene concerns.

However, cleaning your floors is more than simply sweeping, mopping or vacuuming. You need to have the right equipment, cleaning chemicals and procedures in place.

Our Grubless Commercial Cleaning Brisbane based team, recently took to the floors in a new store fit-out. It is safe to say that these floors had a work out with many a work boots, dirt, dust and much more. See below for the before and after clean photos – Well done team!

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before-tile-clean2before-tile-cleanbefore-tile-clean-3 floor floor-cleaning-aftergranito-tiles


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