Are Your Commercial Cleaners Doing Their Job?

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October 30, 2016
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November 20, 2016

Are Your Commercial Cleaners Doing Their Job?


Many types of businesses can become frustrated because they feel their commercial cleaners just aren’t doing their job, or at least, not to their satisfaction.

The reoccurring theme can be that their cleaners often start out with a high standard of service but gradually over time, appear to become complacent or even lazy.

Grubless has been operating since 2002 and over the many years, we have heard the stories and been witnesses to this very common gripe. With our extensive experience and knowledge of the industry, we have been able to put processes in place to assist in ensuring that our services don’t fall into this trap. With our amazing team, our experience and our processes, we are able to continually and consistently provide only a high level of service day in and day out.

How is Grubless able to do this? We have narrowed it down to the following 3 key areas:

1.    Providing a fully customised cleaning plan tailored to the needs and budget of our individual clients.

2.    Having the correct processes and procedures in place including the right checks and balances.

3.    Lastly, ensuring that our cleaners are free from any obstacles that may be preventing them from getting the job done.

Customised Cleaning Plan

One size doesn’t ‘fit all’ when it comes to Commercial Cleaning and Property Maintenance. Many cleaning providers have a large disconnect between the ‘sales staff’ who promise the world on a shoestring in order to close a deal and the cleaners who are left to hopefully deliver on whatever promises have been made. Cracks are quick to appear with this method and the clients are usually left dissatisfied and frustrated with the service.

Grubless avoid this pitfall altogether. We are passionate about our work and we quote to clean! We take the time to understand our client’s individual cleaning needs and tailor a plan to suit just that. Our operations manager will attend your site, liaise with you about your needs which means nothing is missed and provide a quote for that service. Ultimately, we do our job, so you’re free to do yours.

Right Processes, Right Procedures & the Right Checks & Balances.

Over our many years of operation, we know what works and what doesn’t work so well. Whilst we are always looking for ways to be innovative and incorporating those ideas into our daily operation, we have well and truly nailed out the nuts and bolts of our operations to ensure a consistently high standard of service is being carried out.

It has been proven that irrespective of what the job is, no one performs at their peak without being regularly challenged. As such, we use the ‘I Auditor’ app which is a system created for measuring and inspecting work performed and allows our team to ensure that we are continually reaching all of the necessary requirements. Plus, all of our work is guaranteed.

We have thorough systems in place from the recruitment and training of our team through to compliance and auditing. We have full insurance and our team is compliant with all WH & S standards. You can trust your business is in good hands with Grubless.


Commercial cleaners are susceptible to their cleaning sites changing and various obstacles arising impacting their ability to carry out the required tasks. These obstacles can be quite simple things from dishes in the sink and clutter on desks resulting in the cleaners not being able to wipe down these areas adequately to much larger obstacles in their way.

The responsibility of these types of obstacles falls on the business owners. However, unlike some commercial cleaners, Grubless work closely with our clients so any possible issues that arise are communicated and a result is reached.


If you are after a tailored cleaning plan to suit your needs and budget, a well-respected company that adheres to all WH & S standards, highly trained cleaners and a no fuss approach, contact Grubless today for your free quote and be pleasantly surprised!

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